‘A very beautiful film.”

Hilltop Film Festival of Diversity and Inclusion


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November 5, 2020 :     Festival Angaelica Film Festival  

                                (Pasadena, California)


For Alex Abbott, the moment of truth came when his dirt bike landed on his head and broke his neck.

Abbott had been a winning dirt bike freestyle rider. Now he was a quadriplegic.

During the months Abbott lay immobilized in hospital, the notion of ever getting back on his bike seemed so remote he barely gave it any real thought.

But ten years later, with the help of friends and family, Abbott is on the verge of finding his way back onto two wheels.

'257 Down' is a documentary film about patience, endurance and courage.

It is a story that will inspire people of all abilities to follow their dreams, no matter how inaccessible they might seem.


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